Our diploma in Cross-Cultural Mission is actually a diploma in missions and is designed to train students in the most effective ways to proclaim the Gospel in churches and fellowships, and in open spaces.  Through this diploma programme students are also trained to plant churches. In addition, this programme trains students to be socially involved and engaged in order to help transform their communities in keeping with the goals of evangelism.  We do this by training students on health matters (such as HIV/AIDs, primary health care etc.), by training them to be advocates of justice in their communities, and by training them in economic matters (such as in wealth creation, project management, proposal writing etc.)

An integral part of our mission training are the practicals in mission.  Carlile College organizes one major one-week mission every year where all students do mission work in a particular area.  Working with our Anglican parishes, we also have numerous weekend missions throughout our academic year where teams of students go to proclaim the gospel in different areas. These missions help the students to acquire practical skills on effective ways to proclaim the gospel alongside the reflective side of their training in the classroom.

Another distinctive in this programme is the training of South Sudanese students on an extended track to facilitate their training of leaders in the churches in South Sudan.  Our students spend the mid-year break in South Sudan, training church leaders and others using class material that they have translated.

Since we are an Anglican institution and we do recognize that a large number of students come from the Anglican church and will go back to serve there, we also offer them some basic training in Anglicanism.  The worship life of College community, of which all students participate, is liturgical according to the Anglican way. We try to offer them best practice in Anglican worship which they can go out and model in their dioceses.