Pastor Steward Monday Zakayo

Pastor Steward Monday Zakayo

2nd Year Student

I first heard about Carlile College and its reputation of offering transformational training to its students while I was in South Sudan. I joined the college to get the training to go back to my country and train others.

My stay at the college has been of tremendous value to me: academically I enjoy learning, and how to translate the Bible into my language.

Spiritually I'm able to put what I've learned into practice. For example, during the holidays I returned to South Sudan and had the opportunity to train others about what I have been learning in school. Socially, I'm now able to communicate effectively in English. When I first joined the college, I did not know English.

I've also learned other helpful skills such as using the computer and internet. I hope to get a chance to further my learning to a Bachelor's degree and even the Master's level in Theology. This is just the beginning for me.