In 1950 only 15% of the population of Africa lived in towns and cities. Today it is almost 40% and should reach 50% by 2030. Africa has been the last continent to urbanise but it is catching up with the rest of the world at a remarkable speed. One of the greatest challenges facing the Church in Africa is to develop models of ministry and mission which are relevant to the continent’s rapidly growing urban population.

Carlile College offers a unique programme which specifically equips pastors and evangelists for mission in the city. Part of the course is taught in the college’s Tafakari Centre which is located in Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums or informal settlements. Here students acquire knowledge and practical skills which enable them to have a transforming impact on urban communities and particularly contexts of urban poverty. Our experienced teaching staff are actively engaged in creative ministries around the city including youth and children’s work, church planting, economic empowerment, advocacy and grassroots theological training.

As well as satisfying the college’s entry requirements, students entering the programme need to have experience of ministry in an urban area and a commitment to mission in the city. We have students from a wide range of denominations. For those from outside Kenya or not resident in Nairobi accommodation is provided at the Centre in Kibera.