We have designed the Diploma in Children and Family Ministry (DCFM) with those who minister to children (i.e. children and teenagers) in mind in order to equip them for effective evangelism, discipleship, and other important ministries to children. Needless to say, we are targeting Sunday school teachers, those responsible for teenagers and youth (or teenage and youth pastors), leaders in Sunday school and youth departments.

The need for clergy and persons in our churches who are properly trained for children's ministry is acute for two crucial reasons:

  1. Influence, as virtually all social and psychological studies show, is greatest in the childhood stage of life. This age-group, therefore, grants a God-given opportunity for evangelisation and Christian nurture to good effect.
  2. To not evangelise children until they grow up is failing to evangelise the next generation and is tantamount to handing them over to other faiths and outlooks whose influence will be very difficult to unseat when they are adults whom we would then be seeking to evangelise. For these reasons, it would be a catastrophic lack of both knowledge and foresight for churches not to robustly and deliberately evangelise children which trained personnel in children ministry can significantly help them to do.

The DCFM programme enables Carlile College to work with churches to train properly their children's ministry personnel and, thereby, bring to bear a faith and moral impact for God in Christ where it is felt the most and to truly evangelise the next generation.