welcome to Carlile College


Mr.Gudah Humphrey, Dean, School of Business (CABS)

"The School of Business & Technical studies was established to give an opportunity to young people to access Affordable, Quality and Professional training at an affordable fee. In addition,

our students give the students of the School of Mission (SOM) an opportunity to evangelize and disciple them in view of their holistic moral development as their mission training obligation. Today the school has grown tremendously in student numbers with a population of over 1000 students. With a passionate and qualified staff, the school expanded its training capacity and courses to fit into the current competence based curriculum being piloted by the government through TVETA.
The school has six departments with various business and technical skill-based courses being offered and has graduated over ten thousand (10,000) grandaunts in the last eleven (11) years. "

School of Business (CABS) offers courses through the following departments.