Offered by St. Paul's University and Hosted by Carlile College

With one of the highest percentage rates of urban population growth in the world, East Africa is a region undergoing huge cultural, social and demographic change. It is a process of change which is likely to continue to accelerate in the foreseeable future. Kenya's vision 2030 anticipates that the country's urban population will grow from 25% in 2007 to almost 70% in 2032. Rapid urban growth also brings challenges manifested in the expansion of slums and informal settlements which, in the case of Nairobi, house over half the city. This aspect of urban growth and the consequent rise in urban poverty presents many challenges to the church and wider society.

The Master of Arts in Urban Transformational Leadership (MATUL) seeks to enter into the realities of urban slums and equip leaders with skills and knowledge necessary to make a transforming impact on urban communities. The programme links practical experience with critical analysis drawn from a variety of disciplines.

See the MATUL 2012 flyer for more details on the programme.