Our Driving Mission

Philosophers of educational institutions continuously remind us that the value of a vision for any institution is in giving its activities meaning and direction, and thereby promoting efficiency and effectiveness. Not surprisingly then, late last year, Carlile College made a strategic decision towards these by taking steps to clarify its reason for being. We have since clarified that Carlile College exists to train evangelists for the church and to positively transform African society by providing quality vocational training which promotes moral values and economically empowers. Thus we have adopted a broad-based mission to 'educate for the transformation of African society towards God's kingdom'. We are pursuing this mission through a range of programmes.

Cross-Cultural and Urban Mission Training is the programme through which men and women primarily from the Anglican Churches in East and Central Africa are trained in mission and evangelism. This training is the foundation task of the College.

Training of Trainers is the programme targeting capable men and women in East and Central Africa who come from areas with low literacy levels in order to train them in mission and evangelism but in a way which enables them to replicate this training at a basic level back home. Our target hitherto has been South Sudan.

Chaplaincy Training for Schools provides training in evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral care in the context of primary and secondary schools to chaplains or to those intending to be chaplains.

Training for Child Evangelism and Discipleship is a programme for training those involved in children's ministry to equip them with evangelism and discipleship skills particularly suited for children. We hope to launch this programme next year.

Vocational Training is provided by our School of IT, Business and Social Studies which offers a variety of examinable professional and technical courses to young men and women in the Eastlands area of Nairobi where Carlile College is located. For comprehensive information on the courses and the professional bodies which examine them please visit our website:

KCSE Tutorials: Carlile College offers young men and women, who dropped out of school for various reasons, a second chance at personal advancement and empowerment. We prepare them through the tutorial classes we offer for the secondary school national exams.

Grassroots Mission Training in Informal Settlements offers at a basic level a number of mission programmes to churches in informal contexts designed to enable them to be faithful witnesses to Christ in marginalised urban settings and contribute to their transformation. Please visit our website for more information on our Grassroots programmes.

Please pray with us that God will help us to be at one with our vision, that he would enable us to make strides in the direction of developing our missions curricula that is fully informed by this vision, and that he would help us to regularly seek to identify and close gaps between our practices and what they ought to be when we are fully organised around our vision.

Dr. Peter Nyende


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