SITBSS for Kingdom's Sake

In Africa there are children everywhere! Statistics bear this out. In 2009 in Kenya 42% of the population was under the age of 15 and increasing. Unless this population is given an education they will face a poor quality of life, poverty and destitution, and criminality with its associated violence, poverty, delinquency, and vice at levels unknown before. It is possible that we could socially implode.

In view of this threat, the government of Kenya has mounted a response in what is referred to as Vision 2030. The vision not only envisages by 2030 a Kenyan society which is prosperous with a high quality of life but also articulates what needs to be done to bring into reality this vision. Accordingly, targets have been set in the education sector to propel the country to realise Vision 2030. We will mention one of these targets since it relates to what Carlile College is doing through its School of IT, Business, and Social Studies (SITBSS).

To realise Vision 2030, Kenya needs, amongst other things, to train at least 90,000 electrical technicians, 400,000 artisans, and 30,000 new engineers. Carlile College is responsive to Vision 2030 and its articulation on needed technical and vocational training to realise the vision. Indeed we are contributing to realising this vision by providing professional and technical courses in a variety of fields through, and by working with, a select number of professional bodies. This year alone over 1000 students have enrolled in various technical and vocational programmes in SITBSS.

However, we are responsive to Vision 2030 because of God's Kingdom. As mentioned, failure to meet the educational need of this ever expanding Kenyan and African population could lead to a social implosion; it really threatens the survival of Africa. Social implosion results in death, tears, sorrow, pain, and misery, the very things which are not of God nor a part of His Kingdom. We know that God desires that this world have life, peace, joy, unity, righteousness, and all things good because this is the picture we have of the world when God created it (Genesis 1-2), and it is the vision we have of his Kingdom at the end of time as seen in the vision of John of a new heaven and earth (Rev. 21.1-4).

What I mean to say in the above is that our motivation in engaging with professional and technical training is theological. We who have come to know the love, mercy and goodness of God through his beloved Son cannot sit back when death, poverty and destitution, injustice, hatred, exploitation and environmental degradation threaten and ravage us. We are on God's side when we fight these vices in our efforts to bring about a world he desires and which we hope for. Indeed we pray and act accordingly, 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...'. And for that reason we preach the gospel.

Yes, at Carlile College we are doing what we are in SITBSS for the Kingdom's sake.

Dr. Peter Nyende