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Diploma in Christian Ministries


The Diploma in Chaplaincy is a program for school teachers. It provides training in Pastoral Care, Discipleship and Evangelism in the context of primary and secondary schools, but have been applied to chaplaincy ministries in the other settings.


The Diploma in Chaplaincy course runs for two years. The mode of study is modular, that is, the program is partly residential and partly distance. During school holidays teachers come to the College for training for two weeks, three times a year. During the term, students undertake assignment (both academic and practical) for ten weeks three times a year. The academic year composes of 3 semesters.
Annual Fees: KSH 82,200

  • You should be a committed Christian who seeks to walk in daily fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ and other Christians.
  • Minimum C– in K.C.S.E (Special entrance exams offered for those who did not obtain grade C– and above).
  • Recommendation from your bishop or the senior clergy in your church.