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Student Testimonies

Fidelis Muiruri

I come from ACK St. Peters Joska , Machakos Diocese. I joined Carlile College in the 2017 for a certificate course in Christian Ministry. On completion I realized that I had gained a lot of knowledge that motivated me to move into the Diploma in Christian Mission program because I found it was helping me so much. In future I would like to continue learning more in Pastoral Ministry to help the community back in my Diocese and also beyond. As an Evangelist, I aspire to be an example to young and old both in spiritual and social matters. I am happy to be at Carlile College.

Course - Diploma In Christian Mission- Kenya

Course - Early Childhood development Education Course.

Leonard Njagi - Kenya

Am privileged to have joined this great institution and am humbled to be there. We have qualified and committed teachers who are willing to help the students to achieve their goals in academics. During the Thursday services, I participate in leading praise and worship songs something that I have enjoyed so much. I have also learnt other virtues like cleanliness by being at Carlile College. I enjoy the outdoor activities that we participate in in the institution like clean up sessions that the college allows us to participate in from time to time. I am challenging my friends to join this great institution because they will not only emerge successful in academics but also grow in their spiritual life.


Am a Born again Christian form south Sudan in Anglican church Dioceses of Ibba serving in the youth Ministry as the youth co-coordinator and also a Sunday school teacher. Am glad and privileged for the time God has given me to be in this institution in order to acquire more knowledge about Ministry in the areas of youth and children
My vision is to empower the community with good news of the Lord especially in Children Ministry and youth.



I have many expectations that I can summarize in a few sentences;
I am sure that I will leave CARLILE with several strategies that I will put on the ground to materialize my vision; "I dream of making my church back in DRC an influential church that provides solutions to problems and evangelize my country in a holistic way "

Diploma In Christian Mission—From DRC Congo

I have grown up in the church since my childhood and I have been singing and composing religious songs in the church. I loved the stories of the Bible so I often used to read the Bible and thus got to know how to preach. Everyone loved my preaching but despite all this, I was a hypocrite because I was not saved. In 2011, my church sent me to study at the International School of Evangelization in Goma in the DRC. At school, I met Jesus Christ through the teaching of a professor called DAVID, who spoke of salvation. By the time he taught, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart about my level of hypocrisy. On 12/10/2011 it is a day I will never forget; when the Spirit of the Lord shook me and I felt like my heart was torn. Through Romans 6:23 a silent voice said in my heart; "Joseph, do not miss this opportunity, it is your day. Accept Jesus today". I resisted for two days, but the voice had continued to disturb me. Eventually I made the decision and accepted and said yes to that voice. Since then Christ has been my Savior and King.
I am sure that at CARLILE COLLEGE, I shall not leave the way I came. After being in Carlile for a month and a half I feel like I am now fixed on the right foundation and being consolidated in the Ministry.