Transforming Urban Communities


"Carlile College has brought to the grassroots its mission training in the class by working with churches in slums to transform informal settlements."
Nancy Njagi, Director, Centre for Urban Mission


Carlile College runs a specialist missiological programme in urban mission in the heart of kibera (one of the largest slums in Africa). What is taught in this specialised mission programme , Carlile College has taken to the informal settlements (slums) of Nairobi through the Centre for Urban Mission (CUM).

Overview: Transforming the Informal Settlements

The Centre for Urban Mission, based in Nairobi, Kenya aims to transform slums through the ministry of local churches..

Grassroots Programmes

In recognising the local church as a significant entity through which God works to transform both the individual and the community, CUM works with churches to transform informal settlements through the following six programmes:

The Samaritan Strategy (SS) introduces pastors in slum churches to integral mission. The Samaritan Strategy programme thus is the hub around which the other CUM programmes revolve and are integrated. Efforts are made to connect the churches that have undergone SS training to the other CUM programmes.
The Kibera Kiambiu Project (KIKA) works with local churches to support the most needy and vulnerable households in the informal settlements of Kibera and Kiambu in Nairobi.
The Christian Economic Empowernment Programme (CEEP) aims at helping churches address the economic needs which they face by training them in economic skills and linking them to micro-finance organisations.
The Children's Ministry Programme (CMP) aims at helping churches in informal settlements to evangelize, disciple, pastorally care for and nurture children.
The Youth Development Programme (YDP) focuses on establishing homework clubs in the churches for youth in informal settlements around which activities to benefit the youth are run.